Favourite Roads
All roads have a start and an end.  Gettin' to the start is not always
the best part of a ride but these suggested roads are favourites of
our club members and  the reason for this page on our website.  
There are  two sections one for those who like a little of the creature
comforts of pavement and one for those who like spittin' dirt every
once in a while.  To submit your suggestion please email the

Highway Favourites
Crowsnest Highway
Start at the junction of Hwy 22 and Hwy 3 in southern Alberta and
head west on Hwy 3 for a couple days to enjoy what I call the
'sawtooth highway' all the way to Hope, BC.
Submitted by Melanie W.

Bow Valley Parkway
Hwy 1A through Banff.  Short but sweet and not too much wear in
the middle of the tire.
Submitted by Shon D.

Hwy 88 north from Slave Lake to intersect with Hwy 750 south to
Grouard.  Note:  I would advise that you gas up in Slave Lake
especially if your velocity remains in the 130-150 range.
Submitted by Paul C.

Back Road Favourites
Hwy 47 South of Edson off Hwy 16, this section is well paved all the
way to Robb.  Once in Rob turn west on Hwy 40 to swing back to
Hinton of which 30km is gravel.  Great views on this great day trip.

Another Country Favourites
In the state of Oregon there is a fun little bit of highway leaving
Pendleton.  Heading south on 395 go west and follow 74 & then 207
where it meets up with the more sedate 26 going in to Redmond.   
Be prepared for switchbacks and blind corners!
Submitted by Melanie W.

Start at Brunnen on Hwy 38 and follow it to Bormio in Northern Italy
(the famous Stelvio Pass!)  Be prepared for the swtichbacks  but oh
what fun!
Submitted by Melanie W.

Submitted by Deryl

Interesting dual sport riding roads north and south of Calgary.