Are there any restrictions on shipping a motorcycle?

It is the shipping company's responsibility to ensure that the truck or trailer carrying the motorcycle complies with federal ICC rules and regulations. Federal and state governments impose weight restrictions on vehicle shipments, and the shipping company must comply with these regulations. Motorcycle carriers must also comply with federal and state weight restrictions when handling vehicle shipments. In addition, these shippers must also make stops along their route at designated weight inspection stations to ensure that they meet all federal and state weight requirements.

Failure to comply can result in significant fines and the seizure of your truck and trailer. You'll need motorcycle insurance both during shipping and when it arrives in the United States. Costs vary depending on the age and brand of the motorcycle, where you live, how safely you drive, and the type of discounts you qualify for. If you've decided to ship your motorcycle via container shipping, there are two different types of containers you can choose from.

By comparison, shipping air cargo can take just 1 to 2 weeks, unlike shipping by sea, which can take 6 to 10 weeks to arrive. Ocean shipping is a cheaper option, especially if you plan to import more than one motorcycle. Your Schumacher representative will consider your location, budget, and general requirements to help you determine the best method and cost to ship your motorcycle from the U.S. UU.

Motorcycles that are shipped by sea, on the other hand, are often shipped in larger containers along with several other motorcycles. Using an international agent specialized in the transport and transportation of motorcycles can greatly help to eliminate the tension caused by the two previous points. When shipping using the roll-up delivery method, there are some restrictions and it is much less secure than shipping containers. Check the entry requirements with the governing bodies, contact vehicle transport specialists and motorcycle transport agencies, and search the Internet (but don't take online sources at face value, as they are often outdated).

Air Freight Cost Considerations When shipping a motorcycle overseas by air, it's much more expensive than shipping containers. The motorcycle is picked up or delivered to a port and then shipped and transported to its destination, where the import representative is responsible for customs clearance. Motorcycle shipping companies must ensure that their trucks and trailers comply with all federal ICC regulations. Generally, motorcycles or dirt bikes can be shipped as a separate privately owned vehicle (POV) or in an HHG shipment.

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