Do i need to drain the fluids from my motorcycle before shipping it?

Loading a motorcycle into a trailer with a full tank of gas is a safety hazard. Keep the tank nearly empty and consider draining all other liquids, including engine oil and coolant. If you're not sure how to do this, ask your mechanic to do it for you. Motorcycles carry several fluids that can be dangerous or flammable.

All of these must be drained before the motorcycle can be shipped. This includes emptying the gas tank, oil tanks, and completely removing the motorcycle battery. If left inside, liquids could drip out of the box and fall onto the shipping floor. Most commercial carriers will require all fluids to be removed before taking control of a motorcycle for maritime transport.

Most commercial carriers require motorcycle owners to bring at least the vehicle to the transportation center. To ensure proper compliance with this policy, taking immediate photos of the motorcycle before shipment also helps validate any damage that must be claimed later. To protect you against damage or loss, your motorcycle transport company must provide a minimum amount of insurance. While it will be avoided at all costs, sometimes the carrier may have to drive the motorcycle against a motorcycle transport trailer.

The publication provides you with a list of factors to consider when preparing your motorcycle for shipment. This shipping insurance provides an additional safety net in the event that, despite all efforts, something goes wrong and the motorcycle is damaged.

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