What type of carrier is used for shipping a motorcycle?

Another option is to use a flatbed truck, tied to the platform and exposed to the weather. Most of the time, packing a motorcycle will be at least as cheap, if not cheaper, than shipping it with a pallet. Open motorcycle transport is the most economical type of transport. An open bike rack is the most basic option between the two types of carriers.

An experienced service provider can help you avoid the usual difficulties of shipping special items, such as motorcycles. You should also look for a transportation company that can keep you informed about the status of your motorcycle's transportation.

Shipping motorcycles

is a great option if you want to make sure your bike arrives safely and undamaged. By asking specific questions about the service, you can get a clearer idea of the transportation company's requirements, protocols, and rates for shipping your motorcycle.

In addition, when requesting freight quotes, you must ensure that you provide the motorcycle transportation company with the exact weight and dimensions. Some motorcycle carriers, such as Montway, only use included shipping because it's better for your bike. Shipping your motorcycle in an enclosed trailer is a bit more expensive, but it will protect your bike from the elements. While home delivery saves you a trip, shipping your vehicle from a distribution center gives you the added advantage of leaving the motorcycle on your own schedule, instead of having to schedule a specific pick-up window where you have to be present.

Finally, you'll want to determine if you want your motorcycle delivered door to door or your motorcycle shipped between distribution centers. Motorcycle shipping services are a great way to ensure that your motorcycle arrives safely at its destination. You'll also find that major motorcycle transportation companies can offer you a door-to-door service. Insurance for shipping motorcycles is available both from the shipper and from your private insurance agent.

While most companies allow you to choose cheaper open transport shipping, Montway knows that motorcycle lovers want a safer shipping experience. American Auto Shipping does everything possible to ensure that your beloved motorcycle remains safe during transportation, and then provides its own money in case your motorcycle is damaged. You can start the process of finding a good motorcycle transportation company by asking other drivers to recommend you.

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